Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dungeon Blaster is finally here!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to announce that Dungeon Blaster is complete!!

Dungeon Blaster is the accomplishment of and old dream (and challenge) of creating a full game for the Commodore 64 using the MOS 6510 assembler. It's a Bomberman clone created from scratch that features:

-Use of the VIC-II multicolor graphics & sprite features
-SID original music & sound effects
-Joystick support
-12 dungeons of non-stopping action
-3 different types of enemies
-4 different power-ups/items
-Looks like an old 80's Commodore 64 game!

It works perfectly in the most famous C64 emulators, VICE and CC64S, that you can find following the links section of this blog. It's also been tested on a real C64 and it works perfectly too. It's easy to convert the .t64 file to a real tape; you can easily find utilities in the internet to do that if you have the real hardware!

DOWNLOAD Dungeon Blaster clicking HERE!

I hope you enjoy it almost the same that I enjoyed developing it!