Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here comes Dungeon Blaster!

Hello everybody! I think that is already the time to reveal my "small project", because I think that I'm close to completing it. Here comes Dungeon Blaster! My first fully assembler-coded videogame for the Commodore 64!

Back in my childhood, when I was learning to program games in BASIC in the original C64, I always had the desire to program a game "the way it was meant to", thats in the 6510 assembler. Unfortunatelly, at that time internet didn't exist and I hadn't enough resources to learn the assembler, nor I had a way to assemble machine code either, so I finally left it and started programming on PC, tired of my slow and ugly BASIC-written games. Nowadays, thanks to the still big existing community around the C64, creating a game or a demo is easier than ever! Perhaps someday I will make a short introduction on how to make a program for the C64 in the 21st century :P

Dungeon Blaster is basically a Bomberman clone, where your character uses time bombs to get rid of the monsters that inhabit the dungeon. There are different types of enemies with slightly different behaviours. And you can get power-ups that increase your abilities!

The game has been tested on a real C64 and works perfectly. It still lacks music/sound and is incomplete, but I expect to finish it soon and make it available for everyone. (For free, of course!) Stay tuned to be the first to play Dungeon Blaster on emulator or on your real Commodore 64!!

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