Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He's more than 20 years old... and still works!

Here you have the irrefutable proof that old microcomputers were more resistant than nowadays's! This is my old Commodore 64, still working perfectly in 2011 (despite a couple of keys, that you must press strongly in order to actually type the character :P). He has survived two children (my younger brother and myself) playing with it during an insane amount of hours, a lot of BASIC programming, remaining stored inside a bag in the bottom of a closet for more than 15 years, and the move to my current flat.  Here you have it, plugged into a HD television, what an strange sight!

My two old joysticks still work as well. Unfortunately, my original Datasette hadn't the same luck. It won't load nor rewind tapes anymore :(. But no problem, thanks to eBay I managed to get a brand new tape unit from a company called Altai, which made 100% Commodore 64/VIC compatible tape units back in the 80s. I have tested it and it seems lo load new tapes perfectly, (recorded from a PC). With my old game tapes I have got different results, some of them work perfectly, since other ones seem that won't load ever again...

So now I have my whole system working again, what's going to be perfect to test my small project... :D

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